What is Global Cyber Security Index (GCI) & How To Use It ?

What is GCA?

As stated above GCA is the framework developed by the ITU to build the confidence among the ITU member countries to exchange cyber security information.

  1. Legal — As depicted in a diagram, the Legal aspect of the GCA will take care of Cybercrime laws, Regulatory requirements for cyber security compliance and providing the security awareness training.
  2. Organizational — This pillar provides the information about organizational strategy for cyber security, which agencies will be responsible for defining and monitoring the security controls requirements and also the cyber security metrics to measure and monitor security maturity.
  3. Technical — The technical requirements will provide inputs for how to handle the emergency situations created by cyber security incidents. This states about the requirements for National, CERT/CIRT/CSIRT. Definitions of security standards for organizations and professional who are responsible for designing and managing the security
  4. Capacity Building — Generating public awareness for cyber security, definitions of good practices for cyber security, professional training for increasing the number of cyber security professionals and threat intelligence and other security technologies research and development facilities, engorgement and recognition for the industries to follow the cyber security guidelines.
  5. Cooperation — How the country is encouraging bilateral, multilateral cooperation for the TUI member countries to identify and stop the cyber-attacks by either providing the details required for the investigation or enforcing the security controls to detect and stop attacks generated from the country and not supporting the cyber attackers.

What is GCI and How It is determined?

Global Cyber Security Index (GCI) was initially developed in 2013, it is perpetually engaged in update process to determine the relevant aspect of the security of ITU member states.

  • Type, level, and development of commitment to cyber security in countries over the course of time
  • Progress in the commitment to cyber security of all countries from a global perspective
  • Progress in the commitment to cyber security from a regional perspective
  • Level of participation of countries in cyber security initiatives



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