Next Steps to Cybersecurity — Cyber Resilience

What is Cyber Resilience?

Cyber Resilience Requirements

  • Does this program have senior management approval and a defined, long-term budget to address cyber resilience requirements at every level?
  • Is your organization have an enterprise risk management program in place? Is this program is aligned with IT Management and Disaster Recovery management?
  • Are all the assets in scope are identified and classified? Have we done the business impact analysis of downtime?
  • Are you conducting risk assessments and Disaster Recovery drills on regular basis?
  • Are your disaster recovery and backup plan being fail-safe?
  • The cybersecurity requirements to protect and restore organizations’ services and data (e.g., security measures intended to preserve the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information) are in place. These will provide the foundation for techniques and implementation approaches specific to cyber resiliency.

Cyber Resilience Framework

Benefits of Cyber Resilience

  • Reduced Financial Loss — Cyber resilience program will keep the business-critical operations running in spite of cyberattacks. This will prevent an abrupt reduction in sales, or worse, loss of business and pay fines to regulators.
  • Protecting Organisational Reputation — In the past few years we have seen when a cyberattack, data breach is announced, the share value of the organization goes down immediately. Cyber resilience prevents an organization from public scrutiny
  • Enhanced Internal Process & Security Culture — To achieve cyber resilience, security, and other IT infrastructure management team has to work towards the same goal of keep business services and IT operations running optimally. This will help teams to work in co-operation with each other and fine-tune processes that will lead to cyber resilience.
  • Enhancing Client and Supplier Trust — Once the data breach is announced the clients or the suppliers start looking for an alternative and they took money along with them. Cyber resilience will reduce the impact, help to bounce back faster from the attack, and will help to improve the trust of clients and suppliers.
  • Improving the IT Operations — To implement and manage Cyber resilience all teams including IT infrastructure management teams need to work together to work on improving backup, and BCP/DR processes as per the resiliency guidelines.

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